» Cortisone – K. Fairbanks – Preliminary Research

Cortisone – K. Fairbanks – Preliminary Research

Cortisone = type of Glucocorticoid which is in turn a kind of steroid.

Functions of Cortisone include acting as an anti-inflammatory and suppressing the immune system. It is released by the adrenal cortex (via the anterior pituitary, which triggers rising levels of ACTH in the blood) in response to long-term stress.

● Formula = C21H28O5

● Functional Groups = Ketones (3);  Alcohol (2); Alkene (1)

● Solubility = Insoluble in water – contains more than three carbons. 

Organic compounds typically … are not soluble in water….

(source: page 394; Timberlake, Karen. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry. 13th ed. United Kingdom: Pearson, 2019)

● Anti-inflammatory medications may or may not exacerbate Covid 19 or make one more susceptible to contracting Covid 19; this topic is currently under debate among medical professionals:


HealthLine; FactCheck; eCancer Medical Science Journal; Science Alert; U.S. News


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» My Superman Fan Art Used by El Rey Television Network

El Rey cable television network used my Superman fan art in September 2016 to promote their Superman movie weekend on television and on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Here are screen caps of my art in use on their media, and links to the media itself:


My Superman fan art on El Rey’s Instagram Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Facebook Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Twitter Account

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» Print, Pre-Press, Color Management, Color Matching, Resolution

Any and all print related articles I find helpful will be posted to this blog post as I come across them. This post may be amended in the future to add new links.

Print Production Fundamentals, intro | lynda.com – You Tube

Print production: What it is, and how it works | lynda.com – YouTube (Part 2)

New Rules for Printing (2016) (via InDesign Secrets magazine; article by Claudia McCue)


Color Matching Systems II: Best Practices for Choosing & Using Color – via Print Mag

112 new Pantone Colours for graphic designers include bolder greens and purples

RGB versus CMYK – via printer national

article also describes halftone dots, spot colors, and more

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» Vector Resources – Brushes, Patterns, Plug-Ins, and Etc

Some of the following may cost, but I am trying to focus on freebies.

(This post is under construction. New links to be added as I find them)

 5 Free Vector Resources for Use in Illustrator: Part Two

✦  ($) Vector Wood Grain Backgrounds – $5 (via Media Loot)

✦ How to Create Halftone Effects in Adobe Illustrator 

✦ ($) 15 Glitter Brushes (vector) – $15

✦ Vector Resources – via Design Beep

(ornaments, splatter brushes, cards, icons, food drawings, more)

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