Graphics Created for Clients – Set 2 – by K. Fairbanks

Graphics Created for Clients – Set 2 – by K. Fairbanks. Click images to enlarge.

About some of the graphics above:

Volleyball Banner

The volleyball logo on the left (the ball with the circular black and red shapes) was created by another graphic designer; I had to recreate it in Illustrator since the client did not have access to the original file. I created the black element containing the name of the team off to the right and combined it with the logo.

Bank Texas Graphics

The top portion is a screen capture of a Bank Texas web page. I created only some of the graphics on this page; another individual chose the green and gold color scheme and created the page design and was responsible for the HTML/CSS.

Below the screen capture are close-ups of at least two of the several images I created that are on the page

Motorcycle Handlebars

Motorcycle handlebars drawn by K. Fairbanks in Illustrator. This was created for a course (ACCT 5031) at UHCL.


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