» My Battlestar Galactica Art Used by Fifth Ground Entertainment

This post has been updated farther below)

My Cylon drawing might be on a television show to be aired in late June 2015.

I was contacted by a lady who works for Fifth Ground Entertainment (a link to their page: Fifth Ground Entertainment’s Reelside page), and she asked if they could use my Cylon drawing in an upcoming episode of their “Reelside” program, and I said yes.

You can watch a trailer of the upcoming episode here on You Tube (my artwork does not appear in the trailer, however, not that I could see):

  • Episode 1×04 airs Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO Canada on The Movie Network. Available on TMN GO starting June 26.

I sent the lady my art files last Friday (June 20, 2015), but so far have not heard from her. I e-mailed her again on Monday to ask if she received the files. I did not get a response.

I then e-mailed the Fifth Ground information e-mail address (today, June 24th) to check on the status of this project and so far have not received a reply.

I am assuming at this point that my art will be used in the episode but am not totally sure because I’ve not had a confirmation since sending the art in on the 20th.

The Reelside program airs on a Canadian network (“The Movie Network“), apparently, which I don’t have access to, so I cannot watch the episode on television. I hope they later upload the episode to You Tube or somewhere later so I can watch it over the internet.

I’m not sure if this art will appear in the show or not, but the lady said they did want to use it, and I sent them the art files in the sizes and formats she requested.

Here is the artwork of mine the television people were interested in using  (that drawing is actually three separate Illustrator files composited into one in Photoshop):

Battlestar Galactica Fan Art by K. Fairbanks

Battlestar Galactica Fan Art by K. Fairbanks

You can view larger versions of this drawing, and of the viper and raider space craft drawings, in this previous post:

Battlestar Galactica Fan Art by K. Fairbanks

If I can ever confirm that my art is in fact going to be on the program, I will either edit this post to clarify, or make another blog post with that information.

_Update: June 25, 2015_

I did finally hear back from the television show employee, and she said that unfortunately by the time my artwork was sent in, that submissions had already closed.

She said that my e-mails kept landing in her junk mail folder for whatever reason.

I was never given a firm date or deadline by which to send in the art.

I either sent the art in the day after I saw the e-mail, or two days later – I don’t remember the exact timeline. I tried to send her the art as soon as I could.

I first had to e-mail her getting additional information about the file sizes they needed, and other information like that, before I could even open the files and begin work on them.

Once I had the information, I had to spend time re-working the files to meet her specifications. (There were actually three files that had to be worked together into one, and at a larger size.)

She did say that in the future they may be interested in using my art on their other television programs or episodes.

_Update: June 26, 2015_

The folks at Reelsides (@reelsideseries) did Retweet my Battlestar Galactica art on their Twitter account, which I thought was very nice of them. You can view the Tweet here.

Screen capture of the Tweet with my artwork:

Screen capture of  K. Fairbanks' BSG Art on Reelside's Twitter account

Screen capture of K. Fairbanks’ BSG Art on Reelside’s Twitter account

Other Published Works (Some of my art appeared in the following books):

» Norman Reedus book of fan art – Thanks For All The Niceness

» Marilyn Monroe with Tigers – a digital drawing by K. Fairbanks (appeared in the book “Marilyn Monroe an Icon in Modern Art”)

» Digital Artwork of Marilyn Monroe (Set 2) by K. Fairbanks (appeared in the book “Marilyn Monroe an Icon in Modern Art”)

» Marilyn Monroe Fan Art (Set 2, Traditional Media) (appeared in the book “Marilyn Monroe an Icon in Modern Art”)

» Marilyn Monroe Fan Art Set, Traditional Media, Oil Painting (appeared in the book “Marilyn Monroe in Art”)


2 thoughts on “» My Battlestar Galactica Art Used by Fifth Ground Entertainment

    • Thank you. I still have not heard back from the TV people.

      Like I said in the post, I’m not sure if my art will actually be in the show or not, but I sent them the files at their request.

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