» Vector Tutorials from Different Sources

This will be an on-going post, meaning, any time I come across a new vector tutorial I really like, I’ll edit this post to link to it.

Some of the tutorials have practical uses, others are just pure eye candy or for fun.

★ VecTips

★ Learn Adobe Illustrator – by Envato

★  26 Best Adobe Illustrator Portrait Tutorials

★ 120+ of the Best Illustrator Tutorials EVER!

★ 68 Finest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

★ 42 Best Illustrator Tutorials

20 Illustrator Tutorials – Learn to Make Fabulous Vector Graphics

Includes but is not limited to:

how to create vector glass objects / simple menu bar / draw a realistic cassette tape / design an isometric infographic / create old cinema ticket / create geometric – WPAP portrait

From EnvatoTuts:

★ Design & Illustration Tutorials > Adobe Illustrator

✦ Create a Burning, Vector Match Using Gradient Meshes

✦ How to Create a Simple Geometrical Pattern in Adobe Illustrator 

✦ How to Create Animated Vector Icons in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

✦ How to Create a Blueprint Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator 

✦ How to Scale Icons Correctly in Adobe Illustrator

From Graphic Design Junction: 

 30 Fresh Text Effect Tutorials (some of these are for Illustrator, some for Photoshop)

From Creative Bloq:

✦ Master Scalable Vector Graphics with the help of these expert tips and links. (2016)

Create Interlocking Motiffs (2010 – tutorial is in PDF format, free download)

✦ Learn how to animate Scalable Vector Graphics with these expert tips

✦ 38 Incredible Illustrator Tutorials (2010)

Includes but is not limited to:

how to create infographics / create a stitch looking label / tips for working with the gradient mesh tool / 3d lighted text effect / blue print style text

From Vector Boom:

★ Vector Boom Home Page |  Vector Boom > Tutorials

How to Create a Clean Vector Outline with Adobe Illustrator, in Five Minutes

Illustrator Tutorials on You Tube:

✦ How to Convert a Mesh Object back to a Regular Path Object in Adobe Illustrator (2016)

✦ Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly (2013)

✦ Adobe Illustrator for Motion Graphics Artists

From Various Sources:

✦  Illustrator Tip: Duplicate a shape along a circle

Duplicating a Shape Around a Circle in Adobe Illustrator


-Create the shape you want duplicated

-Create circle that will define path of rotation. Place the object (your shape) the way you would like its copies positioned

-With shape selected, hit the (R) key or select the Rotate Tool

-While holding ALT (or OPT) click center of circle (This will open the Rotate Dialog Box)

-Enter degree / number of shapes (such as 360/8)

-Next choose “Copy” (do not choose “OK”)

-Continue to select CMD-D to duplicate shape around circle

✦  How To Create Your Own Textures in Illustrator via Red Bubble

✦ Illustrator Quick Tip: How to Make Custom Swooshes, Swirls, and Curls

 How to Create a Clean Vector Outline, in Five Minutes (via Vector Boom)

✦ How to Vectorize Watercolor Doodles in Illustrator

✦ Free Watercolor Brushes and Tutorial 

(How to make your own watercolor brushes in AI)

Adobe Illustrator for Motion Graphics Artists (via You Tube)

✦  How to Create Pattern Swatches in Adobe Illustrator (2016) – via Creative Studios

✦  26 Best Adobe Illustrator Portrait Tutorials – via Design Beep

✦ How to Scale Icons Correctly in Adobe Illustrator

✦ Placing Illustrator graphics into InDesign with CC Libraries, but the background isn’t transparent?

 Create your own fonts in Photoshop or Illustrator

✦ How to Create Your Own Color Separations in Adobe Illustrator 

 Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing in Adobe Illustrator

✦ Creating Accurate Rule Guides in Adobe Illustrator CS4

✦ Create Seamless Patterns in Illustrator

(More links will probably be added in the future)


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