» My ‘Solo’ Movie Tweet Quoted by Director Ron Howard – Then My Twitter Notifications Went Crazy For Days

My ‘Solo’ Movie Tweet Quoted by Director Ron Howard – Then My Twitter Notifications Went Crazy For Days

I usually post about my art and graphic design work on this blog (one of my drawings is below, right), but I had no idea where else to put this.

On June 6, 2018, I drove to the theater for a matinee showing of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” I rarely leave home to see movies at the theater, but I’m a big Star Wars fan, so I’m willing to make a trip to the theater for about anything Star Wars.


Digital drawing of Chewbacca with Han Solo by K. Fairbanks (Media: Illustrator)

Before Solo was ever released in theaters, though, I was already seeing fans online and movie reviewers trashing the movie – and most of these were not individuals who even saw a pre-screening.

I have no idea how it’s possible to hate a movie and pan it as being awful before actually even seeing it, or merely based on a trailer or two, but that’s what happened.

I kept an open mind prior to seeing the movie. I did not pre-judge it or the actors.

I thought that the young actor who took over the Solo role, Alden Ehrenreich, did just fine, though some Star Wars fans are obstinate about forever associating Harrison Ford, who originated the portrayal, with Han, so they are refusing to give another actor a fair shake at the character.

I was pleased that Ehrenreich only inflected the Solo character with a minimal amount of Solo Ford-isms. He brought his own spin to the character, rather than go out for a straight up ‘Harrison Ford – as – Han Solo’ imitation. Had the actor gone that route, I would’ve found it highly distracting.

I enjoyed Solo, much more than I enjoyed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and I certainly enjoyed it more than Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

It was interesting to see Han’s origins – to see his home world, how he obtained the Falcon, how he met Chewbacca (my favorite Star Wars character, incidentally), and so on.

After getting back home from the matinee, I got online and saw many news articles saying Solo was not doing well.

Some articles were saying the lack of turn-out for Solo may have been poor marketing, or bad timing of marketing, or due to ‘Star Wars fatigue,‘ and other reasons have been cited.

Fan Boycott

Speaking of other reasons for the lukewarm reception of Solo: when I logged on to Twitter and looked up more Solo related information, I saw a number of devoted Star Wars fans – especially on Twitter or under You Tube videos about the film – say they were boycotting Solo due to animosity over the movie T.L.J. (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), which was in theaters several months prior to Solo.

A lot of fans were very unhappy with TLJ, to put it mildly – and different fans had different reasons for why they disliked Last Jedi.

Some fans said they wanted to “get back” at Disney, and send Disney a message, over their unhappiness with TLJ, by boycotting Solo. There was even a hash tag trend on twitter devoted to this phenomenon, under “Boycott Solo.”

I cannot agree with boycotting Solo, or other future Star Wars films, due to dislike of Last Jedi – and I’m someone, there again, who was not overly fond of Last Jedi, either.

I’m not sure why Solo didn’t fare well at the box office: maybe it was due to several factors and not just one; I don’t know.

But I do know I did see some disgruntled Star Wars fans on various sites and social media over the last few months say they were sitting out Solo out of spite over Last Jedi.

Before I resume commentary about Solo, here are assorted links about the Solo boycott (and related issues):

Via Comic Book:

Some ‘Star Wars’ Fans Blaming ‘The Last Jedi’ For ‘Solo’ Box Office Performance

An excerpt from that page:

By Cameron Bonomolo – May 27, 2018

Disney-Lucasfilm’s Solo: A Star Wars Story opened to less than expected on opening weekend, causing a subset of Star Wars fans to lay blame on the controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

…. Backlash birthed by The Last Jedi has some fans calling for a boycott of Solo, claiming Johnson’s film “destroyed the saga.”

Via LRM:

The Incredible Irony Of The Solo: A Star Wars Story Boycott – by Brian Jasper

Via Heroic Hollywood:

‘Star Wars’ Fans Blame ‘The Last Jedi’ For ‘Solo’ Crashing At The Box Office

Via Fan Sided:

Boycott v. Fatigue: The real meaning of Solo’s box office failure

Via Fan Sided:

Boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story? You’re not a real fan – by Jonathan Morales

Here’s a highly pertinent excerpt from the page by Morales:

Solo: A Star Wars Story, for all intents and purposes, is an excellent Star Wars movie.  It has the right spirit, hits the right notes, and provides the kind of fan service that you angry fans felt The Last Jedi did not.

…. Let’s face; it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else tells you about Solo, you hate it for the sake of hating it. What’s sad is that you hated it before you even watched it, if, in fact, you went to see the film.

True Fans?

I don’t see how someone can say they are a “true” Star Wars fan but be downright giggly and thrilled that a perfectly fine movie about Han Solo and Chewbacca, characters in the Star Wars universe, didn’t do well at the box office.

Solo was no Last Jedi. It was better.

If you really want to send Disney a message about how much you didn’t care for the Last Jedi, it would make more sense to sit out future trilogy movies, such as the upcoming episode 9 – not boycott a stand-alone spin-off, such as Solo.

Solo, after all, “fixed” some of the problems that some fans disliked about Last Jedi.

Go see Solo at the theater to send a message to Disney that we, the audience, would like more quality Star Wars films that are true to, and respectful of, the characters, as Solo was – and instead, sit out the next Star Wars trilogy feature (episode 9), or the upcoming trilogy by Rian Johnson, if you’re inclined to boycott.

By boycotting Solo – if you did in fact do that – you’re sending the opposite message to Disney, which is:
Give us more poor story lines or weird or out- of- place character choices for episode 9, please, rather than a fun ride and respectful treatment of Star Wars characters as was the case with Solo.

The message you’re sending is: we won’t pay tickets to see a quality film such as Solo, but we did sit through the disappointing- in- some- aspects Last Jedi.

To frame this another way, by boycotting Solo and bad-mouthing it everywhere online, and the fact that Last Jedi made more money than Solo in theaters, I suspect you’re ensuring the creation of yet more Last Jedi type films and less Solo type Star Wars films, which really defeats your purposes.

The Ron Howard Quote of My Tweet

I’m rather stunned that not only did film director Ron Howard – who directed Solo: A Star Wars Story – quote one of my Tweets on his account (which I found out accidentally, and a few days afterwards), but all that in turn was quoted by various media, as well.

I initially made one Tweet telling people to go see Solo, then I got involved with a couple of conversations on Twitter with others who also tweeted about Solo.

I usually only get anywhere from 1 – 5 notifications per day on my Twitter account, but within a few days after tweeting this to someone else on Twitter (on June 6), my notifications area on Twitter was telling me I had 99+ comments, likes, re-tweets, and so forth.

I scrolled down the notifications page to see where this traffic was coming from, but I could not figure it out (I grew tired of scrolling down the page after so many moments and quit).

A few days later, I happened to be on the Screen Junkies You Tube channel (I enjoy watching their “Honest Trailers,” among other things), when a video about Solo caught my eye:

Star Wars Has Made Ron Howard Sad 😦 – SJU 

I clicked on that video and had it open, running in another browser window as I was checking e-mail in a different window in the foreground, when I thought I heard my name in the video, which I found really strange.

I clicked over and re-wound the video, and sure enough, the host was mentioning my name and showing a screen capture of my tweet, which left me feeling mortified and shocked. I can’t imagine anyone actually reading anything I write on the internet, I suppose.

I was just expecting that Screen Junkies video to be standard fan reviews or discussion of a movie; I was sure not expecting to have my name or a Tweet of mine in it.

I found out from that Screen Junkies video that the director of the Solo film, Mr. Howard, quoted my Tweet (this one, specifically, and on June 10, Mr. Howard quoted my tweet in his tweet):


I think Mr. Howard – and the actors and everyone else behind “Solo” – has a right to be proud of the film. It’s a mystery to me why more Star Wars fans didn’t show up for it.

Seeing myself later quoted by a movie director whose film I was discussing on social media was surreal.

I never would imagine that many people bother reading what I write about online, but especially not any directors or actors of the movies and shows I watch.

News Outlets Carrying the Story

Earlier today, I was looking for information on the upcoming Jurassic World movie on the Sy Fy site, when I saw a side bar containing a link to a story on Sy Fy about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

And, in that article, was another mention of my tweet about the ‘Solo’ movie:

Even Director Ron Howard ‘Feel[s] Badly’ For Solo Underperforming At The Box Office – Sy Fy

At this point, I thought, this must have been a story carried by differing media outlets, so I went over to Google News and searched for it, and sure enough, I found more pages about it, such as…

Ron Howard Breaks Silence on Solo Box Office Woes – Movie Web

Ron Howard Feels “Badly” About Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Poor Theatrical Run

Ron Howard Tells Fan He ‘Feels Badly’ About ‘Solo: Star Wars’ Box Office – Huffington Post

by Ron Dicker, June 11, 2018

Director Ron Howard has been watching the tepid turnout for his “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” too.

Howard on Sunday responded to a woman who suggested on Twitter that fans weren’t giving the latest entry in the space-opera canon a fair shake.

The woman’s tweet (link) was not addressed to Howard’s Twitter account and was written several days earlier, but Howard featured the message with his comments. “As a director I feel badly when people who I believe (& exit polls show) will very likely enjoy a movie… don’t see it on a big screen w/great sound.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Ron Howard addresses movie’s box office failure

Director asked whether Last Jedi backlash was a reason.

‘Solo’ director Ron Howard says he feels ‘badly’ for people who aren’t seeing ‘Solo’ in specific way

Ron Howard Says He Feels Bad About The ‘Star Wars’ Fan Reaction To ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ – Uproxx

Ron Howard: ‘I Feel Badly’ About ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Underperforming at the Box Office – IndieWire

Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard addresses low box office numbers -Independent (UK paper)

Director Ron Howard feels bad that ‘Star Wars’ fans might be skipping ‘Solo’ because they’re still angry about ‘The Last Jedi’ – Business Insider

by Travis Clark

Howard responded to a Twitter user’s tweet on Sunday that “Solo” might be doing poorly at the box office because some “Star Wars” fans are protesting the franchise over “The Last Jedi.”

“I’ve been reading so many theories as to why ‘Solo’ hasn’t been doing so well at the box office – sad to say, some SW fans are snubbing Solo b/c they’re still upset over Last Jedi,” Kris Fairbanks said in the tweet. “If so, they’re missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault.”

Howard quoted the tweet and said that he was “proud” of “Solo” and that fans who aren’t seeing it would most likely enjoy it.

Is Last Jedi the reason fans are skipping Solo? Ron Howard responds – CNET


by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, June 11, 2018

While Howard didn’t mention The Last Jedi by name, his tweet did come as a reply to a fan who stated that as a possibility. Graphic designer and artist Kris Fairbanks tweeted that if this is the case, those fans are “missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault.”

‘Solo’ Director Ron Howard Responds To Fan’s ‘Star Wars’ Lament

by Bruce Haring,  June 10, 2018

Director Ron Howard has responded to a fan’s lament on Twitter regarding the disappointing perceptions of Solo: A Star Wars Story, saying the poor audience turnout made him “feel badly.”

Fan Kris Fairbanks tweeted, “I’ve been reading so many theories as to why ‘Solo’ hasn’t been doing so well at the box office – sad to say, some SW fans are snubbing Solo b/c they’re still upset over Last Jedi. If so, they’re missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault.”

Howard responded that he was “proud” of his film and feels badly that fans are not turning out, even when they likely would enjoy the film.

‘Solo’ director Ron Howard says he feels ‘badly’ for people who aren’t seeing ‘Solo’ in specific way  –  Desert News

Ron Howard is not happy that Star Wars fans are boycotting Solo because of The Last Jedi – Metro

Ron Howard Responds To Theory Fans Are Skipping ‘Solo’ Because Of ‘The Last Jedi’ – Comic Book

Ron Howard Responds to Fan Theory About Disappointing ‘Solo’ Box Office Results – Complex

Ron Howard Responded To One Star Wars Fan Who Is Sad About Solo’s Box Office -Cineblend

Ron Howard hurt by response to Star Wars Solo movie – The Herald News


…The standalone Han Solo film – which stars the likes of Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson – has failed to capture the imagination of ‘Star Wars’ fans, with its global box off takings expected to peak at around $400 million.

Fan Kris Fairbanks tweeted: “I’ve been reading so many theories as to why ‘Solo’ hasn’t been doing so well at the box office – sad to say, some SW fans are snubbing Solo b/c they’re still upset over Last Jedi. If so, they’re missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault. (sic)”

Ron Howard Feels Badly About Solo: A Star Wars Story Underperforming – We Got This Covered


by David Pountain

Howard’s recent lament was motivated by a Tweet from Solo fan Kris Fairbanks, who expressed her disappointment at the film’s low turnout, saying:

I’ve been reading so many theories as to why ‘Solo’ hasn’t been doing so well at the box office – sad to say, some SW fans are snubbing Solo b/c they’re still upset over Last Jedi. If so, they’re missing out & punishing a good film for something not its fault.

The director gave a saddened response in which he stood by the movie that he and his team have made, explaining:

I’m proud of #SoloAStarWarsStory and the cast & crew worked hard to give fans a fun new addition. As a director I feel badly when people who I believe (& exit polls show) will very likely enjoy a movie… don’t see it on a big screen w/great sound.

Ron Howard Responds To ‘Solo’ Poor Box Office Performance – Science Fiction

Ron Howard ‘proud’ of under-performing Star Wars movie – Star Magazine

STAR WARS: Ron Howard Feels Terrible About SOLO Bombing – That Hash Tag Show


by Junior Felix

I personally loved the film [Solo: A Star Wars Story]. It was the Star Wars film that fans have been waiting for. But with constant bad word of mouth coming from bitter fans that still can’t get over The Last Jedi, the film won’t get the love it truly deserves.

Ron Howard Addresses Solo Disappointing Box Office – Den of Geek

Ron Howard Feels Badly About Box Office For Solo: A Star Wars Story – 411 Mania

—– *** —–

I don’t know if Disney can recoup any of their cost on Solo by streaming it or selling it on DVD, but the fan apathy or hostility – as demonstrated by low turn out at theaters – was what I found sad and surprising, especially for one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of them all, Han Solo.

Solo was a fine movie, and I encourage everyone to see it, especially while it’s still in the theaters.

My original Tweet on the topic:


Via Forbes:

The Critics Must Be Crazy: ‘Solo’ Is The Best ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Yet


Ron Howard reveals Harrison Ford’s verdict on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Via Forbes (and I don’t agree with all views there-in, but it’s an interesting analysis):

Don’t Blame Marketing For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Box Office Failure

And I’m linking this one just because I like it:

Ron Howard knew ‘Solo’ movie would be OK after Chewbacca hug

Star Wars Art by K. Fairbanks:

Star Wars Fan Art (Set 1) by K. Fairbanks

Star Wars Fan Art (Set 2) by K. Fairbanks – Stormtroopers

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