» Print, Pre-Press, Color Management, Color Matching, Resolution

Any and all print related articles I find helpful will be posted to this blog post as I come across them. This post may be amended in the future to add new links.

Print Production Fundamentals, intro | lynda.com – You Tube

Print production: What it is, and how it works | lynda.com – YouTube (Part 2)

New Rules for Printing (2016) (via InDesign Secrets magazine; article by Claudia McCue)


Color Matching Systems II: Best Practices for Choosing & Using Color – via Print Mag

112 new Pantone Colours for graphic designers include bolder greens and purples

RGB versus CMYK – via printer national

article also describes halftone dots, spot colors, and more

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» InDesign Page Layout Tutorials and Resources

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InDesign Secrets (articles, magazine, tutorials)

What Is An Interactive PDF? (2017) – via Creative Studios

✦ Top 5 FREE InDesign Template Resources (2016) – via Creative Studios

✦ Understanding the First Baseline Position of Text

 Five Ways to Get Pie Charts Into InDesign

✦ Creating a rich black swatch – via Lynda.com (video tutorial)

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» Large Scale Design – Billboards etc (Tutorial Links)

Large Scale Design – Billboards etc (Tutorial Links)

I will update this post as I find new links. If you are a visitor to this blog and know of any good tutorials, please feel free to leave comments on this post with links to those. I  would appreciate it, and maybe any visitors to this blog would find it helpful.

I don’t have any experience in designing billboards – design, yes; I know how to use Photoshop and so on, but I’m not aware of the technical aspects involved in creating designs specifically for billboards (or other very large formats), and I’ve been seeing more and more graphic design job wanted ads asking for designers to create billboards as part of the job description.

The links to the tutorials:

Billboard Designing: Why design at higher resolution instead of the actual, lower print resolution?

Designing large scale projects—trade shows and billboards: beginner tips and tricks


So then, what size imagery is necessary? 

Well, they still need to be rather large in file size, but most request a file to be designed using anywhere from 100dpi-150dpi (depending on project/printer specs). This is the case for any image that is created using the pixel based design program, Adobe Photoshop.

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Boston Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Boston Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Media: InDesign (for page layout); Photoshop for graphics

Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

All photos in brochure copyright New England Aquarium and respective copyright holders; used by permission.

Thank you to the people at the New England Aquarium for allowing me to use these photos.
Visit NEA at http://www.neaq.org/index.php

Mocking Bird Book Cover Design by K. Fairbanks

Mocking Bird book cover design by K. Fairbanks. Media: InDesign. Click images to enlarge.

On the left: Back and Front covers; on the Right: Front cover only

(Photoshop was used  for some some artwork. Feather photos purchased from Royalty free stock photo site.)

Graphics Created for Clients – Set 2 – by K. Fairbanks

Graphics Created for Clients – Set 2 – by K. Fairbanks. Click images to enlarge.

About some of the graphics above:

Volleyball Banner

The volleyball logo on the left (the ball with the circular black and red shapes) was created by another graphic designer; I had to recreate it in Illustrator since the client did not have access to the original file. I created the black element containing the name of the team off to the right and combined it with the logo.

Bank Texas Graphics

The top portion is a screen capture of a Bank Texas web page. I created only some of the graphics on this page; another individual chose the green and gold color scheme and created the page design and was responsible for the HTML/CSS.

Below the screen capture are close-ups of at least two of the several images I created that are on the page

Motorcycle Handlebars

Motorcycle handlebars drawn by K. Fairbanks in Illustrator. This was created for a course (ACCT 5031) at UHCL.

Food Store Flier Design by K. Fairbanks

Food store menu  / flier created by K. Fairbanks.

Media: Illustrator and InDesign page layout software. Click images to enlarge. 

Front / back and inside of flier:

Some imagery created in Illustrator; smaller graphic elements and text for menu (prices, products) created in InDesign page layout software.

Two spot colors (along with black) were used, along with tints of the two main spot colors, assuming that this fictional client could not afford a full, four color (process / CMYK) job.