» My ‘Solo’ Movie Tweet Quoted by Director Ron Howard – Then My Twitter Notifications Went Crazy For Days

My ‘Solo’ Movie Tweet Quoted by Director Ron Howard – Then My Twitter Notifications Went Crazy For Days

I usually post about my art and graphic design work on this blog (one of my drawings is below, right), but I had no idea where else to put this.

On June 6, 2018, I drove to the theater for a matinee showing of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” I rarely leave home to see movies at the theater, but I’m a big Star Wars fan, so I’m willing to make a trip to the theater for about anything Star Wars.


Digital drawing of Chewbacca with Han Solo by K. Fairbanks (Media: Illustrator)

Before Solo was ever released in theaters, though, I was already seeing fans online and movie reviewers trashing the movie – and most of these were not individuals who even saw a pre-screening.

I have no idea how it’s possible to hate a movie and pan it as being awful before actually even seeing it, or merely based on a trailer or two, but that’s what happened.

I kept an open mind prior to seeing the movie. I did not pre-judge it or the actors.

I thought that the young actor who took over the Solo role, Alden Ehrenreich, did just fine, though some Star Wars fans are obstinate about forever associating Harrison Ford, who originated the portrayal, with Han, so they are refusing to give another actor a fair shake at the character.

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» My Superman Fan Art Used by El Rey Television Network

El Rey cable television network used my Superman fan art in September 2016 to promote their Superman movie weekend on television and on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Here are screen caps of my art in use on their media, and links to the media itself:


My Superman fan art on El Rey’s Instagram Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Facebook Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Twitter Account

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» Print, Pre-Press, Color Management, Color Matching, Resolution

Any and all print related articles I find helpful will be posted to this blog post as I come across them. This post may be amended in the future to add new links.

Print Production Fundamentals, intro | lynda.com – You Tube

Print production: What it is, and how it works | lynda.com – YouTube (Part 2)

New Rules for Printing (2016) (via InDesign Secrets magazine; article by Claudia McCue)


Color Matching Systems II: Best Practices for Choosing & Using Color – via Print Mag

112 new Pantone Colours for graphic designers include bolder greens and purples

RGB versus CMYK – via printer national

article also describes halftone dots, spot colors, and more

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» Vector Resources – Brushes, Patterns, Plug-Ins, and Etc

Some of the following may cost, but I am trying to focus on freebies.

(This post is under construction. New links to be added as I find them)

 5 Free Vector Resources for Use in Illustrator: Part Two

✦  ($) Vector Wood Grain Backgrounds – $5 (via Media Loot)

✦ How to Create Halftone Effects in Adobe Illustrator 

✦ ($) 15 Glitter Brushes (vector) – $15

✦ Vector Resources – via Design Beep

(ornaments, splatter brushes, cards, icons, food drawings, more)

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