» Painting of a Heron by K. Fairbanks

Painting of a Heron by K. Fairbanks. Media: Watercolor



» Tiger Ballpoint Pen Drawing by K. Fairbanks

Media: Bic black ball point pen, color ball point pens by Papermate Ink Joy, yellow gel roller pen by Sargent Art

In color and black and white:



» Marilyn Monroe Chiaroscuro – Painting by K. Fairbanks

Marilyn Monroe painting by K. Fairbanks

Marilyn Monroe painting by K. Fairbanks

More Marilyn Art by K. Fairbanks:

Marilyn Monroe Fan Art (Set 1, Traditional Media)

Digital Artwork of Marilyn Monroe (Set 1) by K. Fairbanks

Marilyn Monroe Chiaroscuro – Painting by K. Fairbanks


» My Battlestar Galactica Art Used by Fifth Ground Entertainment

This post has been updated farther below)

My Cylon drawing might be on a television show to be aired in late June 2015.

I was contacted by a lady who works for Fifth Ground Entertainment (a link to their page: Fifth Ground Entertainment’s Reelside page), and she asked if they could use my Cylon drawing in an upcoming episode of their “Reelside” program, and I said yes.

You can watch a trailer of the upcoming episode here on You Tube (my artwork does not appear in the trailer, however, not that I could see):

  • Episode 1×04 airs Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO Canada on The Movie Network. Available on TMN GO starting June 26.

I sent the lady my art files last Friday (June 20, 2015), but so far have not heard from her. I e-mailed her again on Monday to ask if she received the files. I did not get a response.

I then e-mailed the Fifth Ground information e-mail address (today, June 24th) to check on the status of this project and so far have not received a reply.

I am assuming at this point that my art will be used in the episode but am not totally sure because I’ve not had a confirmation since sending the art in on the 20th.

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