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InDesign Secrets (articles, magazine, tutorials)

What Is An Interactive PDF? (2017) – via Creative Studios

✦ Top 5 FREE InDesign Template Resources (2016) – via Creative Studios

✦ Understanding the First Baseline Position of Text

 Five Ways to Get Pie Charts Into InDesign

✦ Creating a rich black swatch – via Lynda.com (video tutorial)

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Boston Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Boston Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Media: InDesign (for page layout); Photoshop for graphics

Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

Aquarium Brochure Design by K. Fairbanks

All photos in brochure copyright New England Aquarium and respective copyright holders; used by permission.

Thank you to the people at the New England Aquarium for allowing me to use these photos.
Visit NEA at http://www.neaq.org/index.php

Mocking Bird Book Cover Design by K. Fairbanks

Mocking Bird book cover design by K. Fairbanks. Media: InDesign. Click images to enlarge.

On the left: Back and Front covers; on the Right: Front cover only

(Photoshop was used  for some some artwork. Feather photos purchased from Royalty free stock photo site.)

Food Store Flier Design by K. Fairbanks

Food store menu  / flier created by K. Fairbanks.

Media: Illustrator and InDesign page layout software. Click images to enlarge. 

Front / back and inside of flier:

Some imagery created in Illustrator; smaller graphic elements and text for menu (prices, products) created in InDesign page layout software.

Two spot colors (along with black) were used, along with tints of the two main spot colors, assuming that this fictional client could not afford a full, four color (process / CMYK) job.

Music Store Advertisement Created by K. Fairbanks

Music Store Advertisement by K. Fairbanks, created in InDesign and Photoshop. Click images to enlarge.

Photos courtesy of  The Music Store Inc. (http://musicstoreinc.com/), of Tulsa Oklahoma (photos used by permission).

The grey-colored backgrounds are not part of the  print ad design itself; they are included only to offer a visual separation from any colored backgrounds on which these images appear in any of my portfolio sites.