» My Superman Fan Art Used by El Rey Television Network

El Rey cable television network used my Superman fan art in September 2016 to promote their Superman movie weekend on television and on their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Here are screen caps of my art in use on their media, and links to the media itself:


My Superman fan art on El Rey’s Instagram Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Facebook Page

My Superman fan art in a video on El Rey’s Twitter Account

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Walking Dead Fan Art (Set 1) by K. Fairbanks

Walking Dead Fan Art (Set 1), digital paintings, by K. Fairbanks. Click images to enlarge.

Media: Photoshop

The digital painting of Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon appears on page 108 of the book “Thanks For All the Niceness” (a book of Daryl Dixon fan art), compiled by Norman Reedus; published by Authorscape.

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